Christmas & End Year Dinner

Anchor Food Professionals - 24/03/2020
Christmas &End-year Dinner

As 2019 ended and we’re closing it strong, the Foodservice team gathered and had dinner to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved. Attended by the Jabodetabek based members, we Eat, Drink and be Merry on Friday, 20 December 2019 at Hello Sunday - Kota Kasablanka. Wearing a touch of Christmas as the dresscode, we sat side by side, enjoying dinner and chatting with each other.
The dinner team was closed by having cross-gifts that each of us had been prepared previously. The gift prepared should be under 100K and members were given numbers which then be shuffled so everyone would not get their own presents. It was a warm and delightful evening, especially when everyone gets surprised by the crossed gifts. Nevertheless, it was the team’s hard-work that make 2019 went well.

Warm wishes for a successful 2020! Have a wonderful year ahead.

For the love of food,

Anchor Food Professionals

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